Horses with Best Patterns and Colours

Horses are available in various colours and patterns; they are also strong, attractive, and somewhat frightened. Many people have their horse ownership and breeding. However, only two colour shades are available for creating different equine colourations.

The main colour is the black and chestnut, which are considered the ancestors of all the other coats which are available today. Due to some of the changes in the gen, the change in patterns takes place, so we have some different colour patterns with the horses. Here are some of the best pattern coats available on the horses’ coats.

Top 5 Horses with Great Patterns:

Da Vinci

We can say that this is the horse with a beautiful white colour strap on its body. This white colour becomes the centre of attraction for all the people. As this is rarely found, the horse owners gave him the moniker Da Vinci.

The Golden Statue

This is known as the most beautiful horse in the world. This is a stunning horse with spectacular golden colour, making him the best among all others. People say that the unicorn would be like this horse if it existed.

The Dalmatian

It is a Friesian and Appaloosa crossbreed. The beautiful spots on their body make him stand out from the crowd. There are many fans of this horse across the world who want to own this beautiful horse.

The rugged Cowboy

This is an old horse with an aesthetic feeling. If there could be a price for the eldest and unpolished horse, this horse would surely go with the price. The attractive blue colour on it is amazing and loved by many people.

The Silver Fox

This is a horse with the same colour tone as the Fox. This horse is rarely found, and some say that this type of horse does not exist. They say that it is a photoshop of this horse. This is a very bright and handsome horse; the person who has seen it in real would fall in love with the horse.

The Spotted Pair


The Snowflake

The Zorro

The Jabbawockeez


In this article, we have seen some beautiful horses, which are the gift of nature for us. They have the best coat on their body, making them the centre of beauty.


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