10 Things Horses Dislike And Make Them Unhappy!


If you have a horse at your home, you notice that there are many things to which they react uncertain, making them very unhappy. Also, there are many things which make them pleased. We know that you all love your horse, so to understand them more, we are here with all those things which horse likes or which dislikes-

  1. Tiny animals like butterflies: As we know, horses are tall, so for you, it must be very funny how a horse can be afraid of such a tiny butterfly. But yes, it is like that only. It only happens to some of the horses. They are afraid of those tiny creatures because of their flash of color.
  2. When their neck is pressed: No horse is comfortable in this position, so please stop using reins for your horse.
  3. A human who does not take riding: People who, instead of riding, put a bag full of stones and vegetables on their horse. Remember that it is not rocket science to ride a horse; you don’t need to be a perfect rider to ride your horse; just understanding them will be very helpful.
  4. When shoes do not fit in: Try to check your horseshoes daily; make sure they are not too short because they hurt your horse a lot. Please get them trimmed.
  5. Confinement of stall 24/7: If you are living in a place which is quite unfriendly for your horse, it’s all your job to take it out, Not only take work from them but also take them out.
  6. For those who cannot read horses’ language: When your horse suddenly be happy and, simultaneously, because of some incidents, it will also become unhappy. Please don’t ignore it if you don’t understand why they are doing so. The horse also has many ways to show you when they are not feeling good. Please try to understand because it’s your responsibility to take care of them. Try to learn how to read their eyes and expressions.
  7. Children: Children were also on this list because they used to make loud noises and keep running around them, which may irritate them.
  8. When humans make unnecessary movements: When humans tried to chase horses using different methods. 
  9. Vehicles roaming around: You must also know that your horse is afraid of all the vehicles. They were running on the road. You must trained them for this.
  10. Make discipline: Try to make discipline around horse because they do not like discipline behaviour


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