15 Epic Clothing Disaster That Actually Happened


As you all know Fashion is not restricted or has limits still people don’t understand and create funny Memories that last long. Fashion design is a process that goes through different processes take the vision in the head to a sketch on the page and eventually to clothing on the rack. Not every painting is the Mona Lisa and not all designer clothes are haute couture. No matter how bad your sense of fashion would be, We are pretty sure we can all agree that the ugly outfits below will NEVER be in style. This list of epic fails in fashion design will make you laugh and cry. We are damn sure you would have never seen such drastic miracles in life that we are gonna show you today. Please don’t forget to vote for the funniest one, and feel free to add your own fashion fails to the list!

Ohh These Inflatable Pants!!!

Thought This Was A Joke, But No, They’re $4,000 Puffer Coats And Dresses By Moncler

Bought Leggings On The Internet. Not Quite What I Was Expecting. Where Can I Wear These?

Bet You Can’t Flex This

Twilight my favorite

She is living in 2050

Now that call a perfect fit

I Can Wonder Where Your Thought Process Is Going

Bigger is always the better

Don’t forget to check the front

What a close encounter

This is creepy and hilarious at the same time

opps Something is bouncing

One word can destroy you


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