Girl Start Kissing Horse And What Horse Did In Return No-one Can Imagine


Animals always have great importance in our life. It depends on the choice. Some keep dogs, some keep cats, and some keep big animals. Some people even live with animals like their friends.

Many people keep animals and keep them as friends. But time, they got viral due to these videos or pictures. There are a lot of examples available on the internet that show how animals make jokes about their owners.


Nowadays, there is a video that is in training showing such things clearly. This video is about the girl and her horse. The girl’s name is Augustine, and she has a million followers on TikTok and Instagram.

She shares a lot of videos of her pets, especially the horse. Many videos on her account are on her favorite horse; she posts the video on feeding, walking, and playing with the horse.


One of the most popular videos is going viral in which she is playing with her horse, but what the horse is doing is captured on camera. She did not care what the horse did when she started laughing.

In this video, that is seen that Augustine is on her horse stable and playing with her horse, and the horse is also playing with her. But when Augustine kisses the horse, the horse first gets closer to Augustine’s face and opens her tops chain.

Shocked by this incident, Augustine pulls her back to the horse and starts laughing.


There are also some funny comments coming on this video, like someone writes there is a good relationship between the horses and their owners. But, at the same time, some users claim that it is a scripted video and uploaded only for popularity purposes. 

If you want some chill in your busy life, this type of funny video is for you. 


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