5 Fascinating Facts About The Gentle Giant Draft Horses


Five fascinating facts about the Draft Horses

Everyone can easily recognize a Belgium Draft Horse at first glance because of its appearance and its image as the most powerful horse in the world in our mind. They have a signature appearance with a large body, huge hooves, and gentle spirit, making it impossible for a person to forget them. This article is for draft horse lovers in which we are going to tell you some interesting facts about this amazing breed.

Interesting facts about draft horses:

The origin of Draft horses comes from Belgium, but they are produced in America.

Draft crossbreds and Draft horses are the most powerful and versatile horses. They are used for various purposes like logging, entertainment, draft horse shows, and farming. These horses are also used for crossbreeding, especially with light-riding breeds like Thoroughbred. The horse produced from crossbreeding, mostly of warmblood type, is used for different sports types.

It is assumed that the most famous draft horse breed in America is the Clydesdale horse due to its fame, but Belgian horses are the most famous horse breed in the USA. The number of Belgian horses exceeds the number of the draft breed, even if we put all the breeds of draft horses together. It shows how popular and successful the Belgian horse breed is in America.

Guinness World Record for the tallest horse in the world and most expensive horse in the world is held by draft horses. Big Jake is the tallest living horse in the world, while Captain Jim holds the title of the most expensive ever-bought horse in the world.

Draft horses are known as an Easy Keeper breed because the maintenance cost of keeping these horses is quite economical and easy. These horses only need to be fed daily and should do exercise daily. These horses are enthusiastic about working and are known for having a good spirit.


Draft horses are one of the most famous breeds of horses which can be used for various purposes due to their excessive strength and size.



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