5 Fascinating Facts About The Special Knabstrupper Horses


The Knabstrupper Horses are mostly famous for the spots on their body. These spots make them more beautiful and unique. The history of this horse is not yet completely known by any person. So, the complete detailed history is not available yet. This article will reveal some interesting facts about this Knabstrupper Horse breed.

Facts about Knabstrupper Horses-

  1. This breed started with a mare:

The mare horse is a horse which is only made and born for a reason. The reason is to make its mother milk. So, this horse breed was a mare at the initial stage, and later it evolved as a Knabstrupper Horse. This mare is recognized as a “Flaebehoppen”, meaning a “Flaeb’s” mare.

  1. This breed was at the mode of extinction in the early 20th century:

This breed was about to be extinct due to the problems with inbreeding, but it was saved in 1971. At that time, a breeder took an Appaloosa stallion to the city of Denmark to form new blood into the breeds.

  1. Knabstrupper Horses have the same match with the genes as the Appaloosa:

The Knabstrupper Horses and the Appaloosa have the same colour genes. This might be the reason for bringing the Appies. This is called as Leopard complex. This is the reason which causes the spots on the body of the Knabstrupper Horses. But these two breeds were developed separately from each other.

  1. The Horse was not available till 2002 in America:

It is somewhat shocking, but the people of America could not enjoy this beauty of horses until 2002. This was created by breeding Knabstrupper Horses to the Appaloosa mare in Europe.

  1. The horses have 20 different colours on them:

It is said that this horse has 20 different colours. It is said that they are available in Flaebe mare and a yellow Frederiksborg stallion with more than 20 colours on this horse’s body. But no image of this beauty is found.





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