5 Most Beautiful Horses on Planet Earth


Horses and their different breeds

Horses are amazing creatures on the planet. Different 600 breeds are available of them at the current time. Every horse has its unique style. These domestic animals are mainly used to carry the load in the race.

Some of the best horses in the world

The Friesian

These Friesians are found in the Netherlands. Their black color can recognize them. They are also much stronger. In the olden days, these horses carried the king and all his things with them.

  1. Marwari Horses

These horses belong to India. They had long and thin legs and were also very strong. The main and attractive part of their body is attractive curved ears. The Royal Families in India used these horses. They were treated as a part of the family in India. They also had their jewelry which they wore when they were taken for the outing.

  1. Lipizzan Horse

These horses come from Austria. They are well known and are used in a riding school in Spain. They are specially trained for their show. And once the training is completed, they perform as a pro. These horses are very strong and also very beautiful.

  1. Arabian Horse

These are one of the oldest breeds that exist on the planet today. These are famous for having different head shapes, unlike other horses. They are very gentle to humans and strictly follow the owner’s commands.

  1. Fjord Horse

These are of different horses as compared to others in size as well as in their build. These horses have extremely powerful and muscular necks. These are found in Norway.


Here, we have come across various types of horses; there are many others we have not discussed. Horses are connected with humans for a human with longer period, and they are god gift for this planet.


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