A 30-Year-Old Horse Was Abandoned After Years Of Abuse


After Years of Abuse, a 30-year-old horse, Arthur, was Abandoned.


Arthur is a Belgium Draft; he spent most of his life working in a farming community in New England. But when he became 30, they abandoned him


Journey of Arthur after being abandoned:

After being abandoned by the master, he was sent from dealer to dealer and auction to auction. During this journey, he met with Max, another horse with whom he grew very


Both the horses were headed to New Holland’s high-kill auction, where the founder of Tennessee’s Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary, Cindy Daigre, rescued them.

She saw them on the website, where horses were brokered out. Daigre saw how bad shape and scrawny they were, and instantly, she knew she had to save them. Someone told her that Authur was starved while waiting for the next auction, and the men who had him starve the horses purposely so that he could sell the skinny old horse to the cat man who could use them as meat for their exotic cats.

She was very horrified after knowing this and decided to rescue them. With help from other people, too, she hired a transporter and was able to bring both horses to her sanctuary.

Though the horses are now safe, they cover a long recovery journey. Arthur was very weak and thin; he could not stand up alone. He always lies on the ground due to exhaustion and has no desire for fun or food.

Eventually, he settled down in the sanctuary and started having an appetite for food. With every passing day, he is growing stronger and stronger. But his best friend Max’s recovery is not as easy as his. He has an injury in his feet and neurological issues; past abuses left bruises all over his body.

Although it is not easy for Daigre to work with these horses, she does not give up. Her efforts improved Max’s condition drastically within a year of rescue. And after two years of their rescue, they get completely recovered. Now both are extremely sweet, strong, and healthy.




Arthur and Max are friends in the worst phases of their lives and happily enjoying their new life together.



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