A Mysterious Beach Discovery Leaves Netizens Stunned


People name it Alien Pod.

Have you heard of a mysterious-looking alien pod that washes up in Muriwai Beach? New Zeayis are investigating an object that washed over to the shores of Muriwai Beach. It is one of the creepiest and most mysterious-looking barnacles you have ever seen.

What is Alien Pod?

A mysterious and creepy-looking barnacle created a lot of confusion in New Zealand. Some people believe it is a time travel pod or an alien capsule, whereas some believe it is a weird-looking sea monster. After some discovery, it is named ‘Muriwai’s monster.’

Behind the story of Alien Pod

Following are some important facts about Alien Pod:

An object washed over in Auckland’s Muriwai Beach. It wasn’t easy to decipher its shape because it was completely covered with seaweed. Even. researchers and experts are bewildered about the origin of this thing

The first person to catch a glimpse of this object is a resident, Melissa Doubleday.

Presently this creepy-looking object has gained a lot of popularity, and many people visit Muriwai beach to get a glimpse of this object. This object seemed to have some tentacles and other sea creatures.

People who live near the beach said that Alien Pod is the only thing they have seen in their life.

Some researchers have added a conclusion regarding the object to satiate the public’s doubts about this mysterious alien pod. Based on the Marine Sciences Society of New Zealand observation, it could be completely driftwood covered with gooseneck barnacles. Gooseneck barnacles are known for clinging to the objects like wood and rocks. It is a type of crustacean.


This creepy-looking barnacle created a lot of confusion and mystery among residents of New Zealand, and now it has become one of the main fields of interest for people visiting Muriwai Beach.


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