Mother Elephant Tramples Crocodile to D.eath to Protect Her Young


Elephants are known as the delicate monsters of the collective of animals, however even they can get forceful when their youngsters are undermined.

This is the thing that one crocodile learned in an uncommon video posted Tuesday by the safari film application Latest Sightings.

“This unfortunate crocodile observed itself to be directly under the feet of the world’s biggest land well evolved creature – the African Elephant, and, lamentably, didn’t come to see one more day,” Latest Sightings wrote in a depiction of the experience.

The video, shot in Zambia, shows the mother elephant approach the crocodile and start to push it with her mouth and head prior to stomping on it. She additionally folds her trunk over the reptile and throws it at a certain point.

Since she had no tusks, the whole assault was done utilizing her trunk, head, mouth and feet. It was sufficient to kill the crocodile, notwithstanding. Most recent Sightings assessed that the elephant weighed somewhere in the range of 2,700 and 3,600 kilograms (around 5,952 and 7,937 pounds), more weight than the crocodile could withstand.

Most recent Sightings organizer Nadav Ossendryver let HuffPost know that he had seen nothing like the assault in 10 years of posting natural life film.

Watch the video:


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