A TV Reporter Tried To Ride A Horse But He Threw Him Away


As we all know, horses are a little nervous, especially when someone they don’t see rides on them. So this is good advice to you, if you are planning to ride a horse, it’s my request to first familiar with them. But a TV reporter, Stu mills, does not even think about this before getting his brilliant idea of riding a horse for the first time in his life.

The horse’s name is “Rusty,” and he is a very strong and reliable horse; one more interesting thing about him is that he was blind in one eye. When the reporter goes onto that horse’s back, it is a very difficult time for him as he has never ridden a horse before.


Mills wanted to shoot a promo, but Rusty threw him away before that. Also, for this mishap, we cannot blame that horse, who is blind with one eye; the mistake was of a reporter trying hard to shoot a video.

All these facts encourage Rusty to throw him away. As we discussed earlier, horses also cannot stand straight with those who first does not familiar with them.

But people today in a hurry do not understand that it may put both horse and your life in danger. So it is risky to be around them without knowing them, especially when you do not understand their language.

We request you to do all these tasks in the presence of any professional person or person who knows their language.


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