Adorable Footage Of 3-Day-Old Miniature Horse Chasing Its Caretaker


Miniature horses are incredibly cute, from outside to inside. They have a tiny look and playful and friendly nature. Their cuteness may double or even triple when it comes to a miniature horse foal. Your heart will melt for this creature.

Recently, adorable footage of a 3-day-old miniature horse chasing keeper was shared on social media. It’s easy to explain why it went viral and attracted millions of shares and likes.

We, humans, can never get enough of the loveliness of little animals, so we will definitely fall in love with the mini horse.

The baby horse in the video is named Sammy. He was spotted running after his caretaker around the stall as the man encouraged him to do. It was very his first steps outdoor and everything went smoothly.

You made a great job, boy! You have spread unbelievable cuteness to millions of people on the Internet. It will bring them a much-needed smile, making them feel more positive on these uncertain days.

Regarding miniature horses, they have been raised as pets since the 1600s. They also worked in the coal mines around Europe.

If you are looking for something pure and adorable to lift your mood, just give this video a look. Try not to fall in love with the little horse!


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