An Abused Foal Put on Sale for Meat Trade, Embraces the Person Who Saved Him At The Last Moment


A couple from Texas, Natasha and Kirk Hance, noticed vicious auctions of innocent horses only for the trade of their meat as most of the buyers participating in auctions belonged to abattoirs. Additionally, these buyers catered huge demand for horse meat in China, Germany, Switzerland, etc. Even it can be seen as if these vicious auctions of horses were organized to sell them for their meat.

Fortunately, Kirk Hance managed to save two mini-horses from the horses on sale in the auction. This happened at the last moment when the horses were about to be transferred to the slaughterhouse.

The Hance family added new members-

One of those saved mini-horses named Tobias looked like it suffered from extreme neglect and abuse as it showed all such signs even after being rescued. He remained sad all day, only staring at the ground. It did not let Kirk Hance’s wife of kids touch it or pet it and avoided them too. Kirk and his family were worried because of such behavior and his severe depression of Tobias.

Luckily, after a long time of 48 hours, this little horse finally realizes that it has been rescued, and all the love and care it receives from the Hance family is not any catch, or they are trying to harm it. And finally, it embraced and hugged Kirk Hance like its father and hugged him with an essence of trust, security, relief, and happiness.

To give their five children and rescue horses an open space where they could bond and blossom, this Hance couple, Natasha and Kirk, moved to Fort Worth on a small farm. However, they had some clue that they would add more houses to their extended family. The video of the rescued horse embracing the Kirk Hance has won many people’s hearts over the internet.


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