An Extraordinary Friendship Between An Aggressive Mini Horse And A Mini Lovely Rescue Dog


The warmth of love and kindness is all we need sometimes. It’s not necessary that it had to be coming from someone close or known. An act of love and kindness from anyone, even strangers, can melt a frozen heart. Animals are the best example; if you give them love, they return it double the amount. Especially dogs, they always give positive energy. Today, we will tell you about a live example of this warmth. So, stay with us till the end.

This real-life story is about the special bond shared between the mini horse, Spanky, and Dally’s rescued dog. Both are rescued and adopted by Steve Rother and Francesca Carsen’s girlfriend. The couple owns a ranch and is experience with rescue animals.

When Spanky first meets the couple, he is just two years old. But he was aggressive to everyone (all humans and animals) around him, acting like he was the head of everyone. He didn’t let anyone come closer or uphold him. His rescuers have no exception left. The horse chooses to live alone in his different world.

But Francesca Carsen and Steve Rother both were dedicated rescuers. They treated the horse with only love and patience. They believed that this would melt his heart and change Spanky’s nature. He would grow up into a jolly and charming boy like others.

And their hope received a light with the help of Dally, a lovely little puppy they rescued a few months after they adopted Spanky.

Like her owners, the little dog exhibits remarkable persistence and affection towards the horse. She always used to sit on the step stool and watch Francesca play with Spanky.

Although the Spanky was not friendly with Dally, he didn’t ever hurt her. He continued to turn a blind eye to the tiny Dally.

But one day, the couple saw that Dally was sitting on Spanky’s back when he was riding. The scene got the couple amazed. Spanky’s heart finally melted after a year of hard work for the pair and Dally, the little puppy. Dally’s patience finally touched Spanky.


That moment was important for both Spanky and Dally. They finally became friends and have been indivisible since then. They like spending time together, from sleeping to playing the whole day they stay together. Dally finds the safest seat for the rest of the rides – his best friend’s back. And Spanky, he gets a true partner for the rest of his journeys.


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