At 20 inches tall, Pumuckel the pony is vying for the title of world’s smallest horse


Meet Pumuckel: The Smallest Horse in The World

The twenty inches tall Shetland pony named Pumuckel is set to break the Guinness world record as the world’s smallest pony. Pumuckel is an adorable animal who visits kindergarteners and retirement homes.

Who is Pumuckel?

Pumuckel is an adorable three-year-old Shetland pony living in Western Germany. Pumuckel is twenty inches tall, and the owner of Pumuckel is Carola Weidmann. It is named after Pumuckl a tiny creature created by Ellis Kaut, a German author. This Pumuckel pony was ready to get the Guinness world record for the world’s smallest pony. But it has to wait a little longer for the celebrations.

Pumuckel lives a very healthy and happy life despite its height. Pumuckel is a therapy pony and is very friendly. Pumuckel weighs 77 pounds which is less than many dogs.

Why was Pumuckel not able to win the smallest pony crown?

Carola Weidmann, the owner of Pumuckel, noticed that the pony has stopped growing. She wrote to the Guinness world record to inform them about this. The officials informed her that to claim the title of the world’s smallest horse; it must be at least four years old. Because Pumuckel was three it has to wait one year to claim the title.

Currently, the world’s smallest horse title belongs to Bombel, an 8-year-old 22 inches tall. Bomber is two inches taller than Pumuckel. Pumuckel will continue spreading love and joy among children and elder people.

Why is Pumuckel small in size?

We are not sure if Pumuckel is short because of dwarfism. Pumuckel does not show signs of dwarfism. The signs of dwarfism according to AMHA are unusually short legs, a head larger than its neck, and protruding eyes. So, we are not sure if Pumuckel is a Dwarf as its background is not well known.

No matter what Pumuckel is loved and adored by its owner Carola Weidmann. It is also loved by the kids and the retirement house people. Pumuckel can be crowned with the title world’s smallest horse next year.


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