Baby Elephant attempted to scare off a Buffalo… Big mistake!


At the watering hole in South Africa’s Addo Elephant National Park, a baby elephant learned a valuable lesson when he attempted to intimidate a much bigger buffalo. The elephant lifted its head with ears out to send a strong message, but the buffalo did not give in. Instead, he headbutted the smaller creature, sending him flying into the air. Surprisingly, the other elephants did not seem to be too frazzled by the event, but the little calf thankfully was not hurt.

The first two photos, of the moment a buffalo gores a poor, teeny-tiny baby elephant, are from National Geographic in 2014.

baby elephant getting absolutely destroyed by a buffalo 

The other two photos, showing a buffalo getting flipped into the air by a huge elephant, is from January this year.

The four-photo set was the perfect example of why you shouldn’t get in the way of a mother and her young. Unfortunately, it’s all a bit too good to be true.


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