Beautiful Grey Horse And Alaskan Malamute Builds A Unique Bond, And They Star In A Snow Photoshoot


Friendship knows no bounds. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and species. A rescued trio of a lion, a tiger, and a bear lives together as a family, a baby elephant befriends an ostrich at the orphanage, a rescued fox considers itself a member of the dog family – these unique bonds win the hearts of us, humans. We do believe that they are one of the cutest and purest things in this world.

And, today’s story is about the special relationship of a beautiful grey horse and an Alaskan malamute. The odd friends star in a snow photoshoot of photographer, Svetlana Pisareva, from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The photos are awesome! The horse and the husky blend with the snow around them. The pair poses naturally. Looking at their eyes and gestures, you can probably sense the friendship between the two.

The horse is always gentle and calm to its doggy friend. It even allows the dog to sit on its back when it’s reclining. They are best friends!

Svetlana captured all these beautiful moments through her lens. She launched a successful winter photoshoot and the horse and the husky had stunning images.

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Image Credit: Svetlana Pisareva


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