Behind The Fascinating Life Of America’s Legendary Wild Horse Picasso


America’s Legendary Wild Horse Picasso’s interesting life facts

America’s West is famous for the Mustang horse. The freedom of this horse is now turned into the representation of a human’s freedom, which is why they are regarded as legendary in the history of America. Freely roaming and wild horses are the living representation of the historic and memorable spirit of the West. These horses have won millions of horse lovers’ hearts worldwide. There is an exceptional horse amongst all the wild horses named Picasso, which symbolizes the real spirit of wild horses.

Interesting facts about Picasso, America’s Legendary Wild Horse:

Picasso is one of the most famous wild horses in America who still exists. He is the horse of Northwest Colorado’s Sand Wash Basin. His pinto color, which looks like a painted one, makes it remarkable among all the other wild horses.

His age is around 30 years old, which his body reveals. He is an old horse who has wandered outside in the wild for almost three decades. His face is thinning, and his coat is suturing with swipes of other stallions and flaws.

Despite of growing age, Picasso always remains free and wild. During his journey of 30 years, Picasso encountered several battles of life and survived many challenging kinds of weather. He has survived the tough winter and exceptionally hot summer in the desert of Colorado. This horse is the emblem of courage and determination. With the advancement of time, his reputation also grows a lot.

He is the main attraction among wild horse lovers and tourists; they take beautiful pictures of him and relish him from afar. Many tourists especially travel from across the world to see him.

In the national land of 157000 acres in Basin, almost 700 wild horses are like Picasso. Still, he is the only one who possesses such an extraordinary presence amongst similar horses and humans.

His excellence is recorded worldwide in art, poetry, songs, and camera.

Picasso is also famous for his love affair. Throughout his life, he shares a relationship with many mares, but he has a beloved mare named Mingo.

Picasso’s physique is a little bit smaller than other horses, but his fighting spirit is unbeatable. He has won many battles and is known as the epitome of freedom and strength.

Nowadays, Picasso is no longer the same unbeatable herd. With the increasing age, his end is also approaching.


The life of this legendary horse is very impressive, attracting the attention of many horse lovers and tourists. But now he is at the end of his life, so we only want to wish him a peaceful life.




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