“Buying The Wrong Horse”: One Of The Most Hilarious Horse Commercials


This commercial for Old Friends Horse Farm is one of the best. It’s so clever and so funny. I just had to share it with all of you.

One of the hilarious commercials from a classically-trained horse comes from Baltimore’s Dayboro Stud. Seated in the rain bolero, “Buying Freddie the Wrong Horse” pokes fun at technology’s rampant inability to avoid purchasing the wrong thing.


I’ve seen a few of these over the years, but this one might be the best. They’ve got all the best jokes, the best horse, and a fabulous bag.

While Horse commercials are traditionally meant to be serious, this one takes the cake. It has everything from the product to the promise to the gruesome ending. It’s like an episode of Black Mirror in an ad.

History is peppered with movie and TV commercials that are so bad they’re funny, but one must be worth sharing at the top of the list – the “Buying the Wrong Horse” commercials.

The worst purchase ever is a law unto itself and is often rich in the wrong ways. Here’s an epic list of commercials. It will make your day. Enjoy!

A horse commercial that sells a horse. What? There’s a commercial for horses? Yes, a humorous one. It was produced by the advertising agency DDB, who have created many adverts for horses in the past. But this one is just so funny that it raised some eyebrows. Where can we find it again?

A man is wearing a horse head and is trying to decide where to buy a cheap, second-hand horse when his wife comes in and says it’s time to give their horse away. They go home, but the wife manages to get her husband to agree to the horse after they ride him.

Imagine that one day you bought a horse. It was a good buy! So you’re riding that horse proudly on the open road, and a cowboy walks up to you and wants you to take a ride to meet the horse’s father. And he agrees to let you ride for free, and you didn’t even know the horse had a father. So you head off to the neighbouring town, and you get introduced to the horse’s grandfather, who has funnily opened its teeth.



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