Dog comforts an orphaned, 9-day-old foal after his mother’s death, takes the horse under his wing


When nine-day-old foal, Tye, lost his mother, he had no idea what to do. That is until a Dog came along. This benevolent dog took it upon himself to comfort the orphaned foal and even took Tye under his wing. From then on, the two were inseparable.

The benevolent 5-year-old dog-

On Wednesday, a sweet, 9-day-old foal named Tye was left alone after Tye’s mother had died because of her declining health and, in the end, had to be euthanized in Fayette, Alabama.

The S & K Quarter Horses owner, Karla Swindle rescue, immediately set to work caring for Tye, but they knew he would need more than just food and water. He needed someone to love and comfort him.

That’s when Rescue Dog Zip came to the rescue!

This 5-year-old rescue dog is Karla’s dog. Rescue Dog Zip has taken to Tye immediately, and the two have become inseparable. Tye follows Zip-around everywhere he goes, and Zip is always there to show him the ropes.

These two have formed an extraordinary bond, and we’re so glad that Rescue Dog is there to help Tye through this tough time.

Loyal protector with wing-

When people think of rescue dogs, they often think of big, burly dogs fiercely protective of their homes and families. But not all rescue dogs are created equal. Like our furry friends here, some are gentle giants that take the horse under their wing.

This big guy was initially found roaming alone. But then he meets the family’s newly born foal, and the two quickly become best friends.

The horse, who was previously a bit standoffish with people, quickly warmed up to the dog, and the two have been inseparable ever since. The dog now acts as the horse’s loyal protector, always keeping an eye on him and keeping him safe.

It just shows that no matter what you are going through, a warm heart can help you heal, shine, melt, get back up, fill the lifeless body with warmth and make it come back to life.


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