Duck Runs The NYC Marathon Wearing Red Running Shoes And People Can’t Get Enough Of It


Duck running in a Marathon wearing Red Shoes.

The marathon was arranged in New York. People were amazed to see this wonderful duck participating in this marathon. In the last few months duck has become more famous; the duck was also having a trend on Instagram. Where many people loved the walking duck, this video had millions of likes on Instagram. This was somewhat the same happened in the race. The video of this duck running in the race went viral on social media; people loved this very much.


Who is Wrinkle?


The name of this cute duck is “Wrinkle.” This duck has been loved by thousands of fans online in New York, which is well known for this long-run race. This race is held once every year. In the same way, this race was arranged in the streets of New York.

The 26.219 race had a lot of participants from all over the world. But in 2021, there were about 33000 runners who participated in this marathon, but the special thing is that there was the duck which also took part in this marathon. Yes, you guessed it right, it was ‘Wrinkle’ who took part in this race.


How was she ready for that race? 

Wrinkle was fully ready for the race with a pair of red shoes on his feet; these shoes took him to the next level. He did a great job in the race and thus was loved by many people. He competed with the other runners in the street of New York. Although wrinkle can-not get the medal, she won many people’s hearts and made her parents proud. Her Instagram account spread her presence. She also stated that “I will get even more better next year! Thanks to all the humans that were cheering for me.”




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