Dumbest Things Pets Have Ever Done Shared By Their Owners


Some of the Weird things done by the Animals

As we all know that some animals are much funnier than we expect. They do a lot of things that we are not expecting at all. In this article, we will discuss some of the weird things the animals do, which their owners share.

Pitbull is afraid of Leaves

Pitbulls are one of the most powerful dogs on the planet. The experience shared by the owner is that the horse was sitting outside the house. He was approaching some things going there and also coming back from it. The owner thought that there might be rats or some other animals at that place where he was doing these things. But when the owner visited that place, she found that there was grass, for which this dog was frightening.

Cat breaks Bangle on the face

As we all know that cats are the ones who are famous for doing these weird things, you might have seen the different videos of cats on social media. The owner of a cat experiences the same kind of thing. It was about 4 am, and her owner was sleeping and she suddenly heard a sound of something; she got an idea about the cat that this could be doing some of the stuff. So, she went there, as soon as she came to this place she had a set of bangles in the hand of the cat. The cat dropped these bangles.

Waiting for the owner

During the pandemic situation, everybody started working at home itself. The person with a dog had to wait for the owner to return from the office after work. The dog used to wait for him at 4 pm every day. As he worked from home for about 1 year, the dog waited for him every day at 4 pm. However, his owner was in his own house.


As we have seen, some of the weird things are done by the animals. There are many other things which they do.


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