Emaciated race horse abandoned in desert rescued by animal rescue group in Arizona


Nowadays, a piece of news is getting very popular that a horse was saved from Buckeye, Arizona. The horse was discovered wandering alone in the desert of Arizona. It also has been noted that the Sheriff of the Maricopa Region has taken the case very seriously and started investing in the horse. The horse was very thin, and his condition was very bad. When the horse was found, the Sheriff of Maricopa offered him a bucket full of water.

Misian Cory, the creator and developer of Hope Cattle ranch Arizona, has raised his hand for support, and he expected that the horse was missing for around six months. The horse’s condition was not so good, and it is estimated that if the horse were not found, he

would die.

Allison Montano’s Facebook page says that when we come closer to the horse, she looks at us, we give her a bucket full of water, and then she starts drinking the water without any fear. That defines that the horse was very hungry.

There is a tattoo found of the hip on the horse in which her birth information and her name were mentation. As per the tattoo, her name is Pleasing Dom, and she was born in 2012. The Hope Cattle ranch Arizona team has changed the name of the horse from Pleasing Dom to Blessing.

The horse is shifted to Hope Ranch, Arizona, by a trailer; here, an animal doctor makes a full body check-up on the horse and permits it to stay.

The horse found is very sweet because when the member of Hope Cattle ranch was shifted into a trailer, she climbed on the trailer without any fear. Also, she did her full clinical test and trimmed her hooves very peacefully.


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