This Hospital Is Now Hiring Cats As Security Guards.

elwood cat
elwood cat

No matter how much you love or hate your job, you have to admit that co-workers are the ones that make your life pretty simple and easy. There’s always a person that makes jokes out of nowhere and is able to make the environment happy and worth living rather than just sitting idle and doing work all the time.

what if I tell you that co-worker is not a human but a cat? Yes, now hiring cats to do the human job has become a thing and has been seen in the Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Australia. Here meet Elwood the cat, who is now hired as a security guard at the Epworth hospital who makes sure that all the people follow the rules and regulations of the hospital.

According to Chantel Trollip, a Pathologist at the hospital, Elwood has been coming to the hospital every day for over a year now. He pretty much spends his entire day guarding the front entrance and making sure everyone follows the order or catching some sun rays in the bushes.

Meet Elwood, the red-white taboo, who has been recently announced as the security guard of the Epworth Hospital.

In one of the interviews, Trollip said, One day, as I was coming for work, I noticed Elwood with a supporting collar and some sort of tag. when I looked closer, I was amazed to know that Elwood has been officially hired as one of the security guards.

“When I watched him for the first time, he was not wearing anything so I thought he must be a stray but then someone put a collar with an id hanging around which was similar to the id our security guard use to wear.”

Elwood has been roaming in the hospital for over a year until someone hired him officially.

So his good skills landed him a perfect job. Even though there is no change in his routine, but now he is officially the security guard. “He is lovely and pretty but not overly affectionate. He enjoys a good pat and likes to keep things short after all he has to make sure everyone’s coming and going gets checked.” said Trollip.

Now he is officially guarding the front door and lazing around.

As from where Elwood came from, no body was really sure about it. Everyone assumed he is stray until recently it turns out, he lives across the street with his family and brother named Jake. He just comes to the other side of the road for work.

“Someone attached a collar and ID Badge on him, which is identical to our actual staff badges.”

“Turns out he is not stray and he actually lives across the street, but comes in here for work.”

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