Friesian Stallion Prances Around In The Snow After Owner Sets Him Free


Friesian Stallion stagger around the snow after his owner sets him free

Every horse owner tries to protect their horse by keeping them inside from adverse temperature changes in winter. But the thing which they underestimate is their horse is gifted with a perfect winter coat by nature which protects them from the coldness of weather and keeps them warm. Horses are much more accustomed to cold weather than we can expect.

Horses are comfortable in which weather?


According to the studies, horses are more comfortable in cold weather than in warm weather. If your horse is healthy, develops an adequate winter hair coat and has the right amount of nutritious food, it will feel more comfortable during winter. Horses become more energetic than normal during the winters and love to play outside in cold temperatures, which is completely contrary to what we believed.


Many horse owners share videos of their horses in which they are playing outside in the snow. Their reaction was very energetic and fantastic. One can easily talk about their happiness after watching them playing in the cold weather. But not every horse has the same reactions. Some horses do not even want to go outside in winter, and when their feet land on the cold outside, they start running back to their stable.

Experience of Friesian Stallion in snow:


A video of Friesian Stallion playing in the snow got very popular on youtube. He loves to stay in the cold and gallop excitedly in the snow after his owner sets him free. He looks very stunning while playing, and many people admire his beauty. The way he kicks up his heels in the snow is very adorable, which makes the viewer unable to forget.

Despite having a massive physique, he keeps frolicking around in the snow like no other day. His YouTube video got very popular, and many peoples forwarded the video to social media too. You can also enjoy this video on YouTube if you are a horse lover.



Horses have a natural shield that protects them from any weather change. You need to ensure that your horse is healthy and doing well.


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