Viral Video: Giant Anaconda Crushes Crocodile to Death, Last Moments Caught on Camera


As we all know, the crocodile is one of the most powerful and fastest amphibians. In this video, which has gone viral on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms, we can see that a giant anaconda catches this huge crocodile and brings him to death.

A giant anaconda is also known as a green anaconda. This is the largest snake of all other snake species; it is also considered the biggest of all the snakes. It is a boa species that is found in South America. They are among the deadliest creatures on the planet, which have huge power and can predicate anything.

There are available in very high lengths so that they can have lengths up to 30 feet. They also have a very heavy weight. They can weigh about 250 kg. However, it is a non-venomous reptile. Ratter will kill his prey by covering his body and will not allow the prey to breathe.


What are Giant Anacondas?

These giant anacondas are found in the water like swamps and streams. In the initial phase, the small anacondas hunt small animals like small mammals’ fishes and some birds. But the grown-up anacondas can eat much larger animals. As we know, the crocodile is the most powerful, and most of the time, he wins in the fight between the crocodile and a snake.


But this time, it changed this giant anaconda, killed the crocodile, and changed the mind of people. This video is shared on Instagram by the page that has the user name ‘africanwildlife1’. Many people liked this video.

This giant snake made the crocodile die by rolling over his complete body and twisting it; the crocodile could not breathe and tried to free his life from this giant creature but could not succeed.

In the end, this crocodile had lost his life and was lunch and dinner for this giant anaconda. If you have not seen this video, then you can visit the page which is mentioned above and watch this stunning video.





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