Girl Sitting on WheelChair Kissed A Horse What Horse Did In Return Is Adorable


Nowadays, a video is trending in which a horse is playing with a lady who is sitting in a wheelchair. It is always said that horses are lovable

animals, and this video is proof of that.



 If you see the video, you notice that a lady in a wheelchair kisses a horse bounded next to her; when she kisses the horse, suddenly the horse up to his head and applies some force on the back of the leady.



So that the wheelchair moves closer to the horse and the horse puts his head on the shoulder of the lady, it looks like the horse is demanding a hug.



This type of video is very rare to see because love is almost ended in today’s world. At this time, a normal animal shows this type of behavior.


There is not so much information available about the video, but in my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful videos on social media. Also, the video clearly says that why this is told that the horses are best friends of men after the dogs because they can feel the emotion of men.



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