Heroic Shire Horse Brings The Sick Mare Back To Life


Horses are more caring for their fellows

Like other animals and humans, horses often show a caring and loving nature for their fellow horses. They offer their help to each other and can do anything to save one another. While helping their fellows, horses can show miraculous healing power, which can heal any horse that a doctor cannot treat. The provision of support to each other is something to be learnt by humans from them.


The Shire shows the same affection in rescuing its fellow mare, and it was brought back to life. Horses also show these kinds of heroic instincts.



The Shire is an English horse native to British lands. Although, it is also found in the US, Canada, and Australia. This breed of horse is used as a draught animal, tall and capable of pulling things.


Care for fellow horse:


Horses show great care for their fellow horses, and the same was shown by a Shire breed horse named Beau for his fellow mare who was sick and living her last moments.


Several attempts were made to save the mare named Beatrice. Every attempt of the owners to save Beatrice was in vain. She was given support repeatedly to stand up on her feet but was unable to do so. Machine help also proved to be a waste of effort.

Beatrice was diagnosed with Colic, which caused her to collapse. There occurred abdominal pain when her blood pressure and heart rate rose to a level known to be fatal for her. There was no hope left for survival, and the owners accepted the circumstances. The decision to end her misery was made when Beau showed to support his fellow Beatrice.

Beau was let out for food, but he ascended towards Beatrice, and the thing next that happened was miraculous! Beau started to bite her neck and tried to lift her head.

It was necessary to lift the mare to prevent organ failure. Then Beatrice rolled over on the other side, and she stood up! Since then, she has been perfectly fine and healthy.




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