Horses Run Over Highway Delivering A Rare Sight


Everybody has seen a horse, but have you ever seen a thousand horses Stampeding on a highway. The simplest answer is no. But believe me, it is one of the greatest experiences to watch a lot of horses making stampeding over the highway. Listening to the sound of horses’ hooves cracking, seeing the group of horses walking in their mood, feeling the vibration of the ground produced by the horses’ walking cannot express in the words.

Why the horses are on the highway?

Horse drive is a tradition in Colorado. This tradition has been continuously passed from generation to generation for approx—the past 40 years. Every year the Horse drive is organized in Colorado. Every spring season, 700 horses are taken to travel about 60 miles. Colorado is the only place where you can imagine such things.

There is no geographical or regional briar for this event. Riders from all glove parts come to Colorado to join this celebration.

Why it is popular?

Nowadays, where a lot of the community is busy with development without thinking about nature, Colorado has to preserve its heritage and has continuously organized the event for the past several years. These things in very important that humans have to care about nature. And also, watching a group of horses walking on the highways is an extraordinary feeling in itself. It is one of the best seen you have to watch because the combination of the tradition of horse reading is mixed with a new technique.

If you are interested in viewing something that you will never forget in your life, then this horse riding festival is for you; you must have seen this at once in life.


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