They Capture The Footage Of A Horse Relieving The Pain Of A Terminally Ill Mother Who Clings To Her Son


Some animals often become the best refuge and comfort, they, without saying a word have the ability to alleviate our sorrows just with their presence.
This is the case of Peyo, an adorable horse who has been trained to give assisted therapy to patients in the Palliative Care Unit of the Séléne de Calais Hospital Center, in northern France.

Animal-assisted therapy helps people cope with health problems.

Recently, Peyo has starred in a scene that managed to be captured by Jeremy Lempin. The French photographer through his images manages to tell emotional stories, and this is undoubtedly one of them

Lempin immortalized the moving moment when Peyo meets Marion, a 24-year-old woman with metastatic cancer, hugging her little son, 7-year-old Ethan.

Peyo helps about 20 patients per month.

Unfortunately, cancer is one of those diseases that slowly but surely rage in the body.

In the photographs, you can obviously see a thin and weak woman, a being who knows that her body is gradually fading but makes the best effort to hug her son.

Among them is Peyo, the sweet horse that with admirable serenity approaches little by little to let them know that they are not alone. In the description of the image it reads:

“Animal-assisted therapy, also known as pet therapy, is used in many clinical settings, especially in psychological therapy and palliative care. Animals appear to be able to reduce anxiety and stress and also have physical effects, such as lowering blood pressure, improving heart rate, or helping to control pain. In hospices, the goal is to use the natural bond between humans and animals to bring comfort, peace, and companionship to terminally ill patients. “

Mother and son rest on the bed and through a hug, they are one, Peyo does not take his eyes off them and allows Marion to caress him, that connection between the patient and the horse is a unique moment that transmits serenity and peace.
The equine with its presence achieves great emotional support that terminally ill patients need.

“Horses seem particularly well suited for palliative care, as they are especially attuned to their environment. Peyo works with his trainer Hassen Bouchakou at Les Sabots du Coeur, an organization dedicated to animal-assisted therapy and scientific research on the subject, ”the organization added.

Peyo does an incredible job as a therapist, a month helps 20 patients, shares with them, transmits strength to them, and creates emotional scenes like the one of this mother with her son.

Lempin’s photograph was submitted to the World Press Photo 2021 contest. The graphic titled “Doctor Peyo and Mr. Hassen” leaves evidence of the importance that animals have in the lives of people in critical conditions.

Peyo walks the corridors of the hospital and is friends with everyone who comes close to him.

About 4,300 photographers from around the world participated in the contest, in a previous selection, 74,000 photos were chosen. For the final stage, they selected 45 photographers from 28 countries, in which the moving scene of Peyo stands out with his mother and son.

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