Impressive Birds: The Dracula Parrot Exists And Is Terrifyingly Beautiful


Whether you like the world of goths and vampires or not, this parrot is sure to enchant you.

Normally, this parrot is found in forests of New Guinea, and it is rare that you will find an individual outside its natural environment or in captivity, except in the occasional zoo.

These parrots are quite large, they can reach more than 50cm tall. The only difference between male and female parrots are small red spots.

Unfortunately, their feathers are so beautiful that they are highly prized by the natives of New Guinea, and today there are still poachers who hunt them.

As if that were not enough, not only their appearance is peculiar, but also the sounds they emit.

Instead of singing or whistling as other parrots normally do, these Dracula parrots make sounds that may well be reminiscent of some kind of growl. Imagine hearing those sounds in the middle of the night in the jungles of New Guinea and coming face to face with one of these parrots.

An absolutely beautiful bird

I think it’s pretty, but then again I think ravens are awesome…they can also learn to talk like parrots too!


Beautiful species

I l0VE the two together I l0VE the Red FLAME special birds.

I don’t find black terrifying at all. I think it’s just a beautiful bird with a fascinating color

What a beautiful creature

wow !! so beautiful and the red under the wings when it flies it is stunning ..



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