Hilarious Photos Of Irish Wolfhounds, See how Large They Are!

Irish Wolfhounds

To my surprise, Irish wolfhounds were believed to date back to 361 AD. They were used by Gaels as their hunting dogs. As they may sound like a scary and legendary dogs – now at present they are the most sweetest and silly dogs. One of the survey of the official world canine federations standards states that, the desired height of this dog breed is about 32 inches to 34 inches.

They may seem like a scary breed but as their owners claim, they are just a bunch of sweet plums around them. Scroll down with us to see some of the amazing yet hilarious photos of these Irish wolfhounds sent by their owners. I am sure after watching these photos, you will buy one for sure.

1. Meet Murphy, a 4 year old dog with 165lb.

They were primarily used for the hunting purpose in the past. when the number of wolves decreased at one point, the demand for them also decreased and you won’t believe your eyes that they almost went extinct. By 1800, the breed has thinned out, but capt. George A. Graham made sure that there was enough Irish wolfhounds left in the Ireland. So he made it a mission to bring back the missing Irish wolfhounds and to revive back the breed.

2. The World is gonna be so lonely without you my friend.

3. What’s for the dinner, mom?

Height is the only quality that differs them from most of the dogs. Most dog breeds come in the same common variation of colors, but usually blue isn’t one of them. Pure Irish wolfhounds come in variety of colors ranging from black to cream but some end up getting the blue dyed color.

4. so what i need some love from my grandma! Big deal.

5. Peek – a – boo. I see you.

6. Twinning with the partner.

7. If he can’t sleep on the couch, neither will i.

8. Just a Lap Dog.

9. All ready for the Christmas PJ party.

In the fashion world, models tend to be long and skinny. so it makes sense to call Irish wolfhounds to be the best model of the dog breed. These dogs are said to be very photogenic yet very charming. That’s why they are frequently used in the fashion magazines.

10. We love to sleep together on the couch.

11. She just loves to kiss her grandma, every time she meets her.

12. We are all out of fries sir, would you like a dog head served?

13. At one point, he does not want a dog in his life.

14. Quite a safe and comfy place to sleep.

15. Can you people not see how excited he is?

16. He is standing there so peacefully.

17. Evening walk went right.

18. Take us with you.

19. So adorable.

20. Happy Thanksgiving.

21. All he want to do is to lie down on the floor and relax.

22. Look at this small gang.

23. When you crossed the limits of your height.

24. Are you scared of what you have done?

25. Moose is one big boy.

26. Wait outside! I’ll help you.

27. Thinking of a hand print?

28. Now he is my lazy boy.

29. No Couch, No Problem.

30. I love to cuddle with my mom.

31. A strong gang.

32. Best neck kisses ever.



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