Big And Mysterious Discovery In Iceberg By Google Earth Users

Discovery In Iceberg
Discovery In Iceberg

A crazy google earth user came across a mysterious ‘ice ship’ which is 400 ft long and discovered in an iceberg over the weekend, and now the theorists are going wild. Google Earth made it possible for us to see the whole world. Just a click from your own comfort zone. Came into existence in 2005, its interactive map services and other features were enough to gear up excitement among the users.

Just a click from your own comfort zone

Because before its launch, we were not able to see all corners of the earth from our own computer or any other gadget screen.

Over the years, google earth has progressed rapidly.

That means we are now able to see every single location on the earth with just a click from our computer screen without any need for visas and passport.

Have you ever wondered what a famous Eiffel tower would look like?

Well, don’t care about those costly airline tickets. Google earth is here for the rescue.

You can also look for popular tourist spots.

Some people use google earth to discover the most mysterious hidden place on the earth.

You can use it to get a glimpse of every corner of the earth or a colony.

Is Antarctica not on your typical holiday hot spot list?

Thanks to its weather conditions and location, only around 45k people visit the continent every year.

Most adventurous travelers wander the continent.

Thanks to google earth, now everyone can have a glimpse of the snowy landscapes of Antarctica.

But one of the users found something different from snow and ice.

Youtuber named MrMBB333, commonly known as ‘Earth Watchman’ shared over the internet his mysterious finding.

He directed his Viewers to an iceberg of the coast.

To Put into Perspective.


He was thus searching this tiny island sandwiched between Antarctica and new Zealand.

Watch his discovery with a little closure.

Now moving on to the 3D view.

Laughing on his own discovery, he commented:

“You look down on it and it looks like an outline of a ship. It is 400 ft long. An ice ship if you wanna call it – a 400 ft yacht sitting idle off the coast of Antarctica.

How and Why this ship ended on this continent.

so the viewers were eager to know how and why this ship ended up on this small and tiny island.

Some people suggested that the long-gone Noah’s Ark had been finally discovered.




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