Never Ever Type These Things On Google, I Repeat Never.

Never google this

Google has answers to all your questions, whether it is a very silly one or a very tricky one, google can provide you with the results in just seconds. Whatever is going through your head can be searched on google. But access to everything can be sometimes really disturbing and can disturb your mental peace.

Its better to know what can give you a good online experience. So here is a list of 14 things you should never type on google, and if you really want to, search it on your own risk.

1. Snapewives.

Every harry potter fan out there had a belief that they are married to professor Snape on an astral plane, but when you actually google it, the results can be really surprising.

2. Huntsman spider.

Search this text on your own risk.

3. Red Pill.

Now you might be wondering that searching this text will give you more information about the movie ‘matrix’, but boy you are so wrong here.

4. Mouth Larva.

Typing Mouth larva instead of moth larva can be very disturbing as it might actually picture humans with larva in their mouth.

5. Jiggers.

You must have seen bartenders use jiggers very often but also jigger is a type of insect that lay eggs under the skin.

6. Bed Bugs.

Well i don’t wanna talk about it. search it at your own risk.

7. Brazilian Girls.

Well i know you do wanna search them online but be specific with your search otherwise you might end up seeing a lot of butts.

8. Thailand – A murder Spot

About seven tourist has lost their lives in the last three years in the resort of Ko Tao.

9. I Love Dick.

Be careful with what you type, search and what you wanna see.

10. Full-Frontal.

You might not get the perfect result to the Samantha Bee’s late night comedy show, ‘Full Frontal’ at first.

11. No Sleep.

If you wanna know the cure to your late night sleep, then searching no sleep will not help, instead it will take you the Reddit’s aptly- named horror story forum.

12. Things you will find in your fast food.

From human thumbs to chicken heads, there are a variety of things people have found in their fast food.

13. Facebook also knows everything.

This is true, Facebook knows everything about you, even those things which you don’t even know about yourself and in searching for that thing might worry you up.

14. Symptoms you have.

Rather than searching a cure to your medical symptoms online on google, you can just consult to your doctor.








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