Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s Baby Name Gets Called ‘The Worst Celebrity Baby Name Ever’


Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s baby name has been revealed, and people think it sounds like a “designer dog breed.”

Now, there have been a lot of celebrities that have faced public backlash over their baby names over the years…

But people are calling out Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s baby name as being the worst yet.

Now, choosing a baby name is a momentous task for parents…

I mean, your child’s going to be stuck with it for life, so it can’t be taken lightly.

But no matter what you choose, there’s always going to be someone who disapproves.

Despite this, many celebrities have chosen the most outlandish names for their offspring…

Does anyone remember the name Bob Geldof and Paula Yates gave to their daughter?

‘Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldolf.’

Now that’s a tongue twister!

Although it seems as though celebs are always trying to one-up each other when it comes to baby names… it’s not just celebrities.

In fact, there are many names out there that are pretty bizarre.

And Mumsnet has listed their top 10 worst baby names.

At number 1 we have Mia…
According to the site, this is due to the name being an acronym, otherwise known as “missing in action.”

Number 2, we have Cameron…
The reasoning moms gave for this being on the list is it could also be a surname.

Number 3 is Claudia…
Although it might not sound too bad to some, it actually means “lame” in Latin.

Number 4 is Alexa…
I think we all know why this would be on the list, many moms have commented on the name reminding them too much of Amazon’s smart speaker.

Number 5 is Lana…
Again, this name is pretty simple and quite sweet, but spell it backwards, and it’s a whole other story.

Number 6 we have Fanny…
This name might have been the go-to back in the day, but times have changed, and so have the meanings behind a lot of popular words.

Number 7 we have Flora…
According to one mom, this name makes her “think of bacteria.”

What a strange association.

Number 8 we have Luna…
Apparently, Luna is a textbook pet name.

Number 9 is Graham…
One mom shared that the reason she didn’t like it was that it sounds like “grey ham.”

Finally at number 10 is Mercedes…
And this comes down to it being a car brand, one mom said: “She’s a child, not a car.”

Shockingly, Karen wasn’t on there.

As we can see, times change, and names go in and out of fashion.
Not only that, but a lot about the process of having a baby has changed over the years.

One of the main changes is the increase in couples using surrogates to have children.
More and more couples are turning to surrogates either due to personal choice or medical reasons.

For some parents, surrogacy is the only option, something which is a difficult decision to make.
In the world of Hollywood, many celebrities have used surrogates to grow their families.

As we know, the Kardashians are no stranger to surrogacy.

And another famous couple to share the birth of their baby using a surrogate is Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra.

They welcomed a baby girl into the world on January 15 at 8 pm in San Diego.
Priyanka wrote at the time, “We are overjoyed to confirm we have welcomed a new baby girl via surrogate.”

And now the name of their baby girl has been revealed.
But people don’t seem to like it…

One Twitter user wrote: “Feeling bad for the baby.”
While one Facebook user commented that the name: “definitely 100% sounds like a dog.”

A third wrote: “That’s a tongue twister… congrats to them, however.”
“Sounds like a designer dog breed,” another added.

Her name is Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, according to the birth certificate obtained by TMZ.
“Malti” is apparently Sanskrit, meaning a small flower or moonlight.

What do you think of the name?


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