Hilarious Owner Records Video Of His Horses While Snoring And Farting In Group


After a very long hectic and tiring day, I guess most of you guys look for a comfortable couch or bed at your home? Just lying over that soft cushions or mattresses makes you feel like heaven. Likewise, these horses are also enjoying their sleep. Owner Liz Mitten Ryan, walking around her horse retreat suddenly heard some weird noise coming from her barns. After looking inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes! A bunch of horses was lying around after eating their happy morning meal

Liz runs a special horse retreat called Equinisity. People from all around the world especially use to visit her retreat just to see what it feels like to live amongst nature and domestic animals. The horses were born and raised with all love and affection.

These horses love to be around humans and enjoy their company as well. From the start of the day till the end, you will watch them having fun with their owners, but at the end of the day, they want to travel as a family group with the freedom to roam around and run wild. Even having miles of land to cover and run around, the group decided to fit into a barn to get a quick afternoon nap.

The doors to the barn are made wide enough for them to come and go as they wish, but instead of experiencing this beautiful day, they felt like spending it indoors!

After noticing this group sleeping peacefully, liz couldn’t resist herself from taking some pictures. But when she heard the after-effects of their meal, she couldn’t stop laughing. Her horses were continuously snoring and farting.


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