These People Deserve To Be Banned From The Internet!


Mainly Social media introduced in the world for networking with people and catching up with dear friends and family. If we used it properly this is the most useful invention of humans but as we know there are always 2 aspects of things either good or bad. As long as it is using for a good cause it is amazing but when it falls into the hands of people who have absolutely no shame, it produces some truly, insanely cringe posts. So this article is basically for revealing the face mask of those people who are making social media just garbage by just sharing their weirdest content all across the social media. So If you’re ever bored and would like to witness astounding levels of both insanity and stupidity just scroll the list below that we have put together. It’s the exact opposite of boring.

She is just a gold digger

This is hilarious


When you are the only viewer of your own post.

Yakkkk just one question why?????


Now I will not be able to eat candies next few years

Then captured a selfie-and started using Facebook again.

This is just gross and funny at the same time.

This is actually cute

What hell is this happening?

Wait what???

wait! is this a superhero audition or what?


All about Doggy

I hope you enjoy and agree at the same time that these people should be banned from the internet.


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