Policeman Risks His Life To Save Dog Trapped In Raging Fire


Humanity can be seen and experienced in various spheres of everyday life. The quality of being compassionate and understanding is what separates humans from other creatures on this planet. Recently, one such example was given by a policeman in Mexico city who was seen in a viral video where he put an animal’s safety above his own.

In the video, it can be seen that there was a fire broke out in a house where the dog was probably a pet, and it was trapped inside the fencing of the house, completely in a state of shock and panic.

Some policemen were busily drowsing the fire while there was one who was brave enough to break through the fencing for that dog.


How the dog was saved:


Firstly his task was to make the dog understand that he was not there to harm him, so he cautiously coaxed the dog out, carried it on his shoulders, and ran out of the fence before hauling her off to safety. Mexico’s Federal Police shared the video on their Facebook page, where they wrote, “When doing our work we are faced with different challenges, always aimed at protecting life.”


While the police force of every city uses dogs for one or another reason, their attraction for dogs is quite understandable. The Mexican Federal police often use dogs to help them find and fight against the drug cartels of the city. But the fact that the police officer was willing to risk his life for a dog is truly remarkable and inspiring. Being a policeman, their first duty is to protect lives irrespective of their size and type, and here that’s exactly what happened.

While the federation force hasn’t shared any other details about the rescue, it can be very clearly understood that the force has a soft spot for the dogs.


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