‘Puppy Love’ Emotional Budweiser Clydesdale Commercial Is Adorable


Animals have been widely used in commercials and advertisements to attract more viewers; this has been in practice, especially in domesticated animals. And used for entertainment in circuses and roadshows, etc. It also allows a deeper level of connection with the audience sometimes since many of them also have animals of their own. Especially horses, they’re being used in multiple commercials, especially the successful ones. Therefore, directors like to utilize horses in most commercials because their usage is a guaranteed success.

What was the Commercial?

There were multiple commercials featuring Clydesdale horses. All of them attracted multiple viewers.

The most famous one was the Puppy Love ad which attracted millions of viewers. The Clydesdale horses soon became the most commonly used horses for their ads, the first commercial featuring the horse featured in the Super Bowl in 1986.

Due to this and the commercial’s reception, the Clydesdale horses became a staple on Super Bowl Sundays.

The positive messages and lack of controversy made this a famous ad. They managed to connect to all audiences.


We are talking about the ad “Puppy Love” which was aired in Super Bowl 2014.

It’s more than just an ad, in fact, it should be considered a short movie and needless to say, it is one of the best.

Don’t miss watching the incredible ad in the video shown below!

However, fans heavily protested the use of these horses, and due to that, the horses were stopped in these ads.


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