Rescued Lion Says Goodbye To Savior After 20 Years Together


Boy, do we have a sad ending to share today! Zoo staff in Columbia said goodbye to a beloved lion named Jupiter—after the animal’s 20-years protecting the lives of numerous animals. Lions are not typically known for their emotional connections with their human and animal counterparts, but one lion of Columbia especially connected with a woman for nearly two decades.

Ana Julia Torres cares for hundreds of abused animals at a refuge in Cali, Colombia, including this lion named Jupiter. Many of the animals were previously owned by drug traffickers who have been arrested.

To avoid capture by hunters, a pride of lions left the wild. It made their home at Refúgio Villa Lorena, a unique animal refuge on the outskirts of La Macarena, Colombia. Like Villa Lorena, there is no other animal. Ana Julia Torres looks after the four lions, nine Bengal tigers, jaguars, cougars, a crocodile, a speckled bear and an ostrich. There is an availability of chimpanzees whose name is Jocko, spider monkeys, and hundreds of multi bright coloured birds.

You can find a thing common in them: they have all been abused. Ana Julia declared this statement. And she was also informed that they are lam or few have lost their limbs. They are blind, cannot concentrate, or have also lost their eyes.

Ana Julia Torres said that she has two human children and the remaining of her children are 800 animals – a few are clawed, and a few are very hairy, but still, all of them are awesome for her.

There are approximately 800 animals at the refuge, but one of the lions is named Jupiter. And Ana Julia Torres is fond of that Jupiter.

Jupiter was rescued by Ana Julia Torres when he was abused, and his claws were detached. Considerately, from that pain of abuse, Jupiter lost its trust in people and also generated a phobia of human contact.

After taking care of Jupiter by Ana Julia Torres, his belief system or phobia is wholly changed. But unfortunately, Jupiter was shifted to the Los Caimanes zoo, which is located in Monteria, due to the lack of documentation regarding the keeping of the lion.

This is tear-shedding news for everyone. No one is feeling well after the leasing of Jupitar from the zoo.



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