Sassy Horse Delivers A Hilarious Act In Front Of The Crowd


Delivery of a Hilarious Act by a Sassy Horse in front of the Crowd
Tommy Turvey is a well-known figure in the horse business. He is not only a professional stuntman but in 2013’s super bowl commercial; he also trains Budweiser Clydesdales. Tommy has 16 horses in total, which are of different breeds. All his horses are trained stunt, background horses, and cast. This article will discuss the hilarious Horse Act orchestrated by Tommy.

Most popular and Hilarious Horse Act by Tommy Turvey:
Tommy Turvey is a horse trainer who prepares horses for movies, live shows, or clients. He sold out the Crowd of North America with his signature acts. According to him, the motive of his life was to bring the beauty and power of the horses to the eyes of the public with inspirational and entertaining exhibits. One of the most popular horses from his collection is Pokerjoe. He is famous and admired for an Act he performed in North America.
Most famous comedy Act of Pokerjoe:

Pokerjoe is famous for their comedy acts, which help him covet excellence as a Breyer Horse Model. He stars in the funniest and most popular act of the horse industry. The best part of that act is, the whole act, the horse seems to be carefree and does not look bothered.

Pokerjoe loves to gain the public’s attention and seems completely relaxed during acts. The relationship he shares with his trainer and rider, Tommy Turvey, is at a new level, and he has full trust in his rider, which creates incredible harmony and bonding in his acts.

After seeing him perform a show, you can understand that the horse genuinely enjoys the show and loves his rider. The special bonding between the horse and his rider is what the public wants to see in acts, which is why Pokerjoe’s popular.

Pokerjoe and Tommy Turvey create stunning acts full of love, bonding, harmony, and humor. The audience can feel the incredible relationship between the horse and his rider.


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