Man Played at the Cousin’s Wedding See Horses and their Adorable emotions toward Music


Every living creature on Earth has its emotions. It may be changed to various creatures, but everybody has his or their style of expressing their emotions. Mankind expresses their style; birds express their style. Also, animals express it in their style.

Horses are subject to certain emotions. Research completed by some students in England told us that, Horses like Classical Music and country sounds more than rock music and jazz.

Horses and Music: 

Every creature has his musical taste and everyone like a different kind of music. On March 2, 2019, Adam Riggs uploaded a video on YouTube where he played a violin sound in front of several horses.

After he started to play the sound for some time, the horses expressed their emotions toward the violin sound and the music. Slowly they expressed their emotions more and more. They started to shake their tails one by one. The white horse first came closer to the man, Adam Riggs and continued to express his emotions to the music played.

At that time, horses came closer to the man, and everyone how enjoyed the music; during this time, no horse didn’t stop to shake their tail. It’s shown that they enjoyed the music.

The man also enjoyed seeing the horses, and he continued his play with the violin. Horses roamed around the area, shook their tail, and enjoyed the music. All the horses loved the sound of that music.

In video already seen by 230k+ people on YouTube. This two-minute duration video shows us how horses express their emotions toward music and love the violin’s sound.


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