Man Burst Into Tears After A Memorable Visit From A Gentle Horse!


How Can A Horse Comfort A Human?

Most often in your life, you might have seen a bond between a pet and its owner. Normally, the owner shelters a pet and treats it well, just like a family member. The pet, in return, ensures the safety of its master. While thinking about all this, what is the first animal that comes to your mind? Well, most of you would say a dog, a cat, or a cow, where the dog would be the most prominent. But have you ever thought about some other animal?

Most people’s answer would be a no. However, since childhood, we have heard stories of how dogs protect their masters during difficult situations. We have seen dogs have emotions to understand and connect with their owners. Therefore, we hardly question the loyalty of a dog. Although this is not a wrong thought, we should increase our idea of thought. We should widen our perspectives.

Consider a horse with strong emotions to connect with and react to humans. He is also a very affectionate and loyal animal if one deeply thinks about it. Traditionally, horses have played a major role in human lives. Be it war, horse racing, or any other activity. They are also pets to many humans. But their emotions and loyalty are hardly felt.

Recently, on Twitter, a video of a horse and man went viral where the horse and the man are seen being emotional in Brazil. The video includes a bedridden man at the wellness center being impatient. The horse comes near the man and tries to calm him down by putting his head on the chest of the man. The horse just stood by their side and rested on the man’s chest to make him comfortable. But hardly had the horse put his head on the chest when the man burst into tears and started crying.

This is the first time a horse reacted in such a manner. Unlike humans, a horse’s sympathy emerges from his true feelings and emotions for the man. As soon as he saw the man suffering, he went to help him. And this is what true emotions feel like.


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