Meet Storm, The Haflinger Horse With Unique Hair


The Haflinger is a breed recognized amongst all other horse breeds for its long, beautiful mane, gorgeous coats, and kind temperament. They are all stunning but one Haflinger called Storm out of the Netherlands is winning the hearts of horse lovers all across the world for her smooth long mane, who looks exactly like Rapunzel!

Naomi Beckers is the owner of Storm, a ten-year-old mare, and the person behind all the beautiful photos of Storm. She opened an Instagram account where she could post all the lovely images for all of us horse lovers to admire.

Although Naomi was aware that her horse was very unique and beautiful she didn’t expect all the likes and reactions from people and was amazed at all the followers her horse instantly accumulated. Over a short period, she gained more than 51k followers and her page continues to grow day by day.

Now people keep asking Naomi to post pictures every day of Storm because they can’t get enough of her beauty.

From what we can see in the pictures it looks like Naomi spends a lot of time taking care of Storm’s appearance and of course, she gives special attention to her golden locks that run straight to the ground.

We would love to have someone to take care of hair, just like Storm has Naomi.

We think that they look like twins when they pose together and to prove it we are posting some of the most wonderful photos of Storm together with her owner Naomi.


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