Stupid Dog Attacks A Horse And Pays The Price!!!


This thrilling video will show some clips where some horses gravely kicked naughty dogs who were troubling them. In some clips, the dogs annoyed the horses to kick; however, in a few clips, you might also see how an innocent dog accidentally became a target to the horse’s kicks.

The first clip shows a beautiful snow cover stable where horses roam, but suddenly a dog comes and tries to play with a horse’s tail. The horse didn’t like its behaviour and kicked the dog to run away from the stable.

The following clip displays two dogs troubling a horse at his back and kicking them to keep away when it couldn’t tolerate their mischief.

The third clip reveals riding horses kicking a cute pet dog because it was trying to interrupt them running.

This clip shows a dog becoming a target of horse kicks because it came in between while the horses were racing around a stable.

This short clip shows a horse kicking two puppies after getting irritated by their scamps.

Another snip shows a dog climbing horse’s back and getting kicked by the horse so harshly that it flips away in the air.

Similarly, an innocent dog became a target for an angry wild bull in a stadium. It hit the dog with horns so harshly that it fell to the ground after multiple air flips.

The following clip shows a little white puppy being insensitively kicked by a tied horse in a stable because it was checking out the horse.

This video snip illustrates a dog getting gravely kicked off by a horse and running away. The horse kicked the dog because it was trying to lick its legs and tails.

In this clip, a dog comes running and attacks a horse standing in a group. In reaction, the horse also kicked it in the mud. Unfortunately, an innocent dog also became a target in this fight.

The same scenario is in this snip, but the only difference is that the hose kicked the dog with both legs in this clip.

In the following clip, a horse accidentally jerked a dog while running between vehicles.

Some more clips in the video also show accidents between dogs and horses.









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