The Majesty And Excellence Of The Original Morgan Horse


A Morgan horse bears great stamina and strength.

In terms of intelligence and strength, the Morgan breed of horse is the one to be the most graceful. Originated in the US, the breed is among the oldest breeds of horses. This horse has been used for various strength-related works like pulling a coach, military horse, general riding etc.

This was the main breed used in the Civil War. This horse has a good nature with wonderful strength, stamina and energy, which is the main reason for choosing this breed for race purposes. Morgan horses socialize with humans and are found all over the world.

Best horse for Race and Sport:

Morgan breed horses are intelligently strong with unending energy and stamina, which makes them the best horse for sporting and race purposes. The good nature of this horse can make anyone fond of it. The strength of a Morgan horse is incomparable to other breeds. 


Family member, not just a horse:

The owners of a Morgan horse embrace it like a family member and not just a horse. Compared to other horses, this horse has smaller stature, making it the best breed for children. The name of this breed was given after Justin Morgan, who was the best owner of this horse. There is also a Disney movie based on it named ‘Justin Morgan Had a Horse. The quality of kindness is one of the main qualities of this horse.

Morgan horse comes in various body colours. Generally, black and chestnut are common. All the colours are pleasing to the viewer’s eyes. There are four main bloodline groups of Morgan breed: Lippitt, Brunk, Government and Western. Today, original Morgans are left only a few. There are crossbreds present all over the world.



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