The Police Horse Takes Revenge On A Ungodly Woman


It is astonishing to see people being so uninformed about horses. However, horses are so popular worldwide that people, sadly, do not know how to behave with them. They do not even know that if they show any signs or clue of being aggressive around a horse, they might also expect a violent response from them, just like it happens with other animals.

Any animal would feel threatened if a human stranger to them trues to get close to them in a very rude and inappropriate way, so remember to be very careful when you are close to horses or any animal

Considering horses’ size, they may be even more dangerous than other animals when they get angry or feel threatened. Generally, horses do not cause any problems and are very calm, but you cannot blame them when they act violently towards other people.


We see a young woman from Kingston, Ontario, during the time of queen university coming, .who was trying to make some point by running behind the horse named Murney and then slapping on its rear. Still, she did not know that the horse would not take the slapping nicely. It, in return, kicked her, and the woman fells to the ground.

While she is running back to the crowd, she holds her face. Murney, the horse, was slapped thrice during the homecoming festivities.

There was one woman and two men in charge. However, the police department of Kingston did not confirm if the women in the video had been charged. Thus always remember that you should be careful with horses and not try to make a joke because that might end in the

wrong way.


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