These People Missed The Joke So Badly, That They Embarrassed Themselves All Over The Internet

Funny meme
Funny meme

One can easily distinguish between a guy who is laughing at the joke and the other one who is becoming the joke and while most of us do recognize easily, these unfortunate people have crossed one point or other on the internet and their failure has been recorded and spread all over. You can find these amazing post on the subreddit, don’t worry if you never heard about it. All you need to know is that it’s just a collection of some screenshots of people misinterpreting a joke. I’m actually talking about the people who actually think that a guy can mistake a plane for a bus and the other one who believes that sharks actually have toes. Let’s just scroll together to know what I am really talking about.

1. How dense it is?


3. Here comes the Iced water.

4. Well maybe.


6. You have to pay for both of them. That’s the special thing you are looking for.

7. Please guys, no cheating. Give your honest answer.

8. Okay is she real ?

9. I guess this is a very serious issue.

10. We have a very studious guy over here.

11. It can be pronounced as soul mate or soma ulte. LOL.

12. Well we have to agree on that.

13. He is more worried about the chess board rather than your metaphor.


15. Blind can reply.

16. Its a joke dummy.

17. They must report this.

18. They look exactly same.


20. For me its JOOP.


22. Well you guys don’t know how hard it is to remember something when you actually need it.

23. Am i that stupid or this conversation is making no sense?

24. Okay he is so weak in Mathematics.

25. It does slow down the time. Try it.




29. She must have skipped the word photographer while reading.

30. The protective suit ever.

31. How can people be so dumb?

32. Can’t argue more.

33. This is a difficult one.

34. What were you expecting a shower?


36. What’s with the case?


38. Miracle, Miracle.







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