This Police Horse Isn’t Ready For Morning Duty Until He Gets A Cup Of Tea


The police horse needs a cup of tea before he would be prepared for daily duty.


Merseyside Police reportedly said Jake “refuses to get out of bed unless he is handed a warm cup of tea. The Internet has indeed been delighted with Jake, the tea-drinking horse. Many of us find it challenging to begin working every morning without the need for a coffee or a cup of tea to fully wake us.


The police pony in the UK experienced something similar. Jake has acquired a passion for tea over the course of his lengthy career and is unlikely to begin his shift without his daily mug.

Horse needs morning cup of tea to start the day:

Jake reportedly started to drink tea after sneakily swiping a sip from his rider’s cup, according to Metro News. The Merseyside Police Mounted Section currently include the 20-year-old horse in their morning cup of tea when he starts sticking his mouth in his rider’s cup each day.


According to the Daily Mail, Jake will reportedly wait in his stable in Allerton, Liverpool, every morning for his particular large cup to be handed to him before consenting to begin working.


Jake won’t get it out of bed until he is given a warm cup of tea from @tetleyuk, according to Merseyside Police, who shared a video of Jake enjoying his morning coffee on Twitter. After eating this, he is prepared for the day.


Social media Posts:

A representative of Merseyside Police also disclosed that Jake loves consuming normal tea with skim milk as well as two sugars.


Many people on social media are thrilled with Jake’s video. Over 2 lakh individuals had viewed it and left a tonne of amusing remarks when it was posted on Twitter about a week ago.

Jake is among the twelve horses we get at the stable training with us, according to Lindsey Gaven, director and trainer of the Merseyside Police Mounted Division, who spoke with the Daily Mail.

We believe Jake to be a horse with such a lot of personality. We’ve all been used to his tea order: while he can manage including one honey, he clearly enjoys himself more when you manage to serve him two.”


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