Totally Random Funny Horse Videos Will Gonna Make Your Day


Nothing completes the day for me like a funny video that I’ll never need to watch again and is good for those moments when I can’t find anything else to watch on YouTube. Pause time; it’s time for some laughter.


He might not be able to talk, but at least he can sing a man-singing-man-singing a song about a horse trying to sing a song about a horse. Fun fact: horses can not see in colour.


They rely on their eyesight to detect the movement of prey. You’ve probably heard that phrase before or seen a Youtube video of a horse’s face reacting to sound. 


Funny activities done by Horses: 


In one video, a horse lost its rider halfway through ongoing the routine, but that didn’t make it stop. That smart horse finished the competition without any instructions or stacking over the poles. Now in the scenario of the second video, if you are a well-wisher of goofy, who is the banana loving Minions. Then for sure, you will start giggling after watching the steps of a horse on the song of Banana.


Similarly, in the third video, it is normal to make hurdles seem more enormous than in real life. Even a tiny hop can feel like an enormous leap, but it is all about everyone’s standpoint. This video also seems so funny. 



Now we share data about the fourth video in which Shetland ponies are a humorous vision to watch on their own, but in extra, if they made some dance moves, that video is for sure going to be viral. 


Stare at the socks of the music that is Shetland pony moonwalk whenever you require a little dynamism in your moves. And also, for sure, you all have approached the compilations of funny Horses on



And their also their videos get viral as the audience. The best part that is they all are assembled according to their favourite TikTok audio or music.




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